Life Update (Self-Care, Stocks/Investing and New Projects)

It’s been almost 30 days since my last post. I haven’t really had much to say this month. I’ve had this blog for some time now, and I recorded a lot of the bad and the ugly within this journey. Quite frankly, I just didn’t want to bring more negativity to this blog (even though it’s just a part of my journey, a part of my story). I have been pretty up and down this month, but like I have mentioned in a previous blog: I’m going to put mental health and self-care first this year. I’ve been doing a lot of reading this month. I’ve actually been reading a lot this year, but earlier on it was mainly self-help books. This month I have been reading fiction and I love getting wrapped up in fictional stories. I’ve been also looking after my physical health. It’s always important to keep tabs on any changes to your physical health. All in all, even though I took a break this month, I’ve added a few new things into my weekly rotation.

A few weeks ago, I started getting into stocks. Investing is something that I have always wanted to get into, but I just never took the step to start. After reading a lot of articles and watching motivational speaking videos, I noticed that the majority of successful people mentioned stocks and investments. I honestly wish I started as soon as I graduated high school, but I wasn’t financially responsible then, so that probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway. It wasn’t until after college when I was aware of the value of investing. I’ve been reading a lot on investing, but a part of me wanted to learn a little bit by trial and error. I feel that I learn more that way. It’s like you discover the things that you really want to learn on your own (by experience). Most people do not offer free information to the questions that most people want to know. They either want to keep it to themselves or they want you to pay for it. Of course, I wouldn’t make large decisions without being well informed first, so I’m experimenting with penny stocks and other low-priced stocks. It has been kind of fun and exciting so far. I will continue to share any tips and experiences along the way on this blog.

Other than self-care and investing I guess you can say that I have added a new project to my repertoire of money-making hobbies. I know that I said I need to shave down the load and stop adding things to my plate, but I decided to put another one on pause. So technically I’m not adding anything, just replacing something old with something new. Sometimes I wish I could go into full detail, but I don’t like to share things until I know it works, and that it’s worth someone’s time and energy. The purpose of this blog was to track my journey to success, and to help others like me who seek out financial freedom (emphasis on the word freedom). I do not want to go back to the jobs I hate. I want my work to breathe life into me, not drain it from me. Every day I get closer to my goal even if it feels like I am moving at a sloth’s pace. I’m still closer to my goals than I was a year ago.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to force myself to give up. I just felt mentally exhausted and wondered if this was even worth it. Being in the unknown for this long was starting to wear me down but of course there is a fighter inside of me that won’t let me quit. If I was supposed to have quit, then I guess I would have already. I have to believe that I’m right where I am supposed to be. The path I chose is not for the weak, or for the people who are afraid of failure. It’s risky, but I rather keep pushing then wonder what if years later. I am going to continue to go for it, because in mind there is no other option. It’s either make it happen or make it happen! That’s it!


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