10 Small (Frivolous) Things that Brings Me Joy!

I wasn’t feeling too inspired this week to come up with a topic to discuss, but I did come across an interesting journal prompt while web browsing. It said to list 10 frivolous things that bring you joy. I guess classifying what’s frivolous and what’s not is subjective. So I’m just going to share 10 small things (that most might consider frivolous) that brings me joy.

1.) Lighting Candles. Not just any candles, but the candles with strong aromas. Not all candles are created equally. I love a candle that you can smell as soon as you walk into a room. Delicious scents (like pears, autumn spices, tropical and bourbon) and sexy musk scents just makes me happy.

2.) Daydreaming. I’ve always been a daydreamer since I was a kid, and I still love it. It’s a free vacation for your mind, or an exclusive movie just for you. It’s relaxing and just a good way to escape reality woes for a moment.

3.) Completing a workout. There’s nothing like the proud feeling of knowing that you pushed yourself and completed something that you didn’t feel like doing. I have low energy and I’m never in the mood to work out, so when I finally finish it sets the tone for the day and I feel accomplished.

4.) Ice Cream. Yes! I’m worse than any kid when it comes to ice cream. It’s my addiction. I light up like a Christmas tree whenever my husband surprises me with the new Ben & Jerry’s flavors or a box of mochi ice cream.

5.) Watching Ocean Waves in Silence. I feel like the simplicity of sitting on the deck floor of a ship watching the waves is underrated. I see a lot of people sunbathing or taking photos (especially during sunset time) or focused on other activities. I rarely see people just staring at the waves (unless there at an actual beach), but there’s nothing like being in the middle of the ocean and taking the time to recognize and appreciate God’s creation. I could sit and stare for hours. It’s the beauty of ocean and the harmonious sound of the waves puts me in a happy Zen trance.

6.) Coffee. Although I’m drinking less coffee these days, I love making a good cup of joe. The aroma of coffee and the taste of it just adds a bit of joy to my day.

7.) Body Scrubs (store bought or DIY). I don’t know why, but exfoliating makes me feel like I’m doing my body a service. I just feel like I’m keeping my skin renewed, soft and supple.

8.) Reading Fiction. Some people think fiction is frivolous/pointless, but I love being lost in a story (which is why I probably daydream a lot). I love reading it, writing it, and dreaming it.

9.) Aloe Comfy Socks. There’s nothing like getting out of the shower, moisturizing and then putting on a pair of aloe comfy socks. It feels so good, and I just love it. It’s the simple things.

10.) Seeing people in Love. I love LOVE! I love seeing people in love. Love is a beautiful thing and sometimes I can’t help but smile when I see a couple in their own love bubble.

What small or frivolous thing brings you joy?


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