Shutting out Chaos (Chasing Peace Pt 2)

          Lately I’ve been taking things slow, especially during the last few weeks. I removed a lot of pressure that I tend to feel in my everyday life and just decided to give myself a little more grace. I knew last month was going to be a difficult and emotional month for me and it was for the most part. Even though it was tough I managed to find ways to calm my mind. One of the main things I did this past month was keeping my mind busy with other things. I occupied my mind with learning new skills, reading fiction and writing. I didn’t leave as much time for dwelling on things like I usually tend to do. If I was relaxing at night, I was daydreaming or visualizing things that I want in life. I’ve been silencing the noise and trying to replace the thoughts with things that bring me joy.

          Another thing that has helped me with my peace journey is making time for fitness. As I mentioned in my last chasing happiness post, I’ve been working out and it has helped with my depression. Exercising (no matter if it’s high impact or low impact) really brings a sense of peace and joy throughout the rest of the day. It just improves your overall mood. No matter how much we don’t feel like doing it, it feels amazing once we complete it.

          One thing that I have found to be true is that when you organize and declutter it makes for a more peaceful environment. If you live in chaos, then you will feel the effects from it. Surrounding yourself in a minimalistic serene environment will give you a sense of tranquility. I definitely want to put my energy and focus into organizing and making sure that everything has its place.

          This entire process has really been a journey. It’s been a lot of trial and error. So far, I’m finding out what works best for me. Focusing on self-care and keeping my mind distracted have really helped during the tough moments. There are still some things that I’ve been meaning to try, and I’m excited to discover new hobbies and add positive distractions throughout my week. Until then, I will continue to indulge in the things that are currently working.


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