The Misconception I had about Adulthood.

          When you were younger did you have a picture in your head of what you thought adulthood looked like? I remember thinking that being an adult was all about work, family and just being serious all of the time. I thought after age 25 you just automatically become reserved and serious. I don’t know why actually. It’s not like I had super serious parents. I guess I just thought playtime was over and I would no longer want to do the things that I once loved. Now fast forward to the present, I just look back and laugh. Of course, you change and mature in a lot of ways, but you don’t turn into some serious robot on your 25th birthday. I still act silly. I’m still goofy. I still like playing video games and I love theme parks. I’m a DC Comic and Marvel geek who loves dressing up in costume. I’m a level below Brennan and Dale (Stepbrothers reference), maybe two levels. 🤣 I like to joke around, and I still feel as youthful as I did a decade ago. It’s just my stiff back that reminds me that I’m aging.

         I remember watching an episode of Roseanne years ago, where Jackie and Roseanne were talking about their age versus the age that they felt inside (Season 5, Episode 8).  They both were around 37 and 40 (something like that). Roseanne said she felt like she was 16 and Jackie said she felt like she was 12 sometimes 7. 😂 I didn’t get it when I first watched that episode because I was really young then, but now I completely understand. Sometimes I still feel 17, other days I feel 22. I wish I could’ve told my younger self this. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so afraid of adulthood, and thinking that being 25, 28 and 30 was old. I guess when you’re a teen, twenties and thirties just seem so different from where you are in that moment. It’s hard to fathom that you can age without losing that youthful spirit. Aging doesn’t automatically equate to being boring. I remember seeing a meme with this elderly woman in a motorize scooter attached to a rocking horse that her husband was on. The words on the picture said something like I want to be this couple when I grow up. I loved it because I hope I’m just as silly when I get older. It’s a blessing just making it to that age, and if you can still have fun and get into crazy shenanigans in the process then I tip my hat to you. If there’s one thing I love to see, it’s seeing people having harmless fun and not caring what anyone thinks. You only get one life, might as well loosen up and have fun.


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